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Simplicity and easy setup. That was the goal was when we set out to design the Streamfeeder Converge 900 Tip-On Solution. Utilizing servo motor technology, products can be precisely placed at speeds up to 18,000 pieces per hour, with accuracy to +/- 1/16" (1.5mm). The Streamfeeder Converge 900 is offered as a complete turnkey system or can be added to your existing Vacuum Transport.
Tip-On System
Converge 900
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Innovative Servo Motor Technology enables you to singulate and dispense the widest range of material types and sizes. Its modular design allows the Streamfeeder Converge 900 to be integrated with a variety of systems. And, most importantly, the Streamfeeder Converge 900 is easy to learn and simple to operate, helping you increase productivity and reduce cost.

Our Tip-On Solutions are available as Turn-Key Systems (consisting of a carrier feeder, Transport System, glue system, and delivery conveyor) or as specialty feeding units integrated to existing Host Systems (such as Ink Jet Bases, Folding Machines, Vacuum Bases, or Folding / Gluing Equipment).

Technical Data (Converge 900)
Maximum Product Size: 7 W x 6 L in (177 x 152 mm)
Minimum Product Size: 2 W x 2.5 L in (50 x 63 mm)
Min/Max Product Thickness: .003-.250 in (.076-6.35 mm)
Belt Speed: 24,000 in/min (609,600 mm/min)
Placement Tolerance: Steady speed up to +/- 1/16 in (1.58 mm)
Electrical Requirements: 115/230vac, 10A
Air Requirements: 4-6 CFM
Weight: 60 lbs. (27.22 kg)
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