STREAMFEEDER wedge applications

A variety of Streamfeeder wedges may be utilized for feeding materials based on their properties. A Streamfeeder wedge may be used either alone or in combination with another Streamfeeder wedge. The following will help to identify which Streamfeeder wedge to use for a specific material.
Streamfeeder Part Number
Material Usage
Large Triangle (8 inches wide)
Light to medium weight products from 3 to 6 inches in length (longer if used with Low Profile wedge) such as Z-fold and C-fold letters, business reply cards, payment booklets, and tagboard.
Double "S"
Light to heavy weight products from 4 to 14 inches in length such as large envelopes, flat sheets, card stock and folded products.
Low Profile
Medium to heavy weight products from 8 to 14 inches in length such as magazines, flat sheets, and other flexible products greater than 8 inches. Most often used with Double S, Articulating, Large Articulating, or Large Triangle wedge, but may be used alone as shown in the photo.

Streamfeeder wedge applications

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